Velocity respects your right to privacy. We aim to provide as much ownership and control of your data as possible, and to opt-out of our service should you choose.

In today's world, gee-whiz engineering comes with responsibility—the responsibility to contribute to society and human well-being, and avoid harm to others. These two tenets for the moral backbone of our industry's code of conduct. We take the other 22 points of the Association for Computing Machinery's Code of Ethics just as seriously.

Below you'll find additional information about how our technology works, how we handle data, and how to opt-out in plain terms. You can also refer to Velocity's industry-leading Privacy Policy and Terms of Service which we feel set the standard in transparency for a modern machine learning start-up company.


Velocity makes use of the motion sensors, specifically the accelerometer and gyroscope (but not GPS), in today's smartphones to make smarter decisions about whether an advertisement should be displayed. Our technology is novel in the sense that it is an uncommon connection between the motion of a cellphone and the timing of advertising. Nevertheless we believe there is great informational content in motion, and we ultimately aim to apply our motion technology to some of the world's most challenging problems, such as health and disease, fitness and athletic form analysis, injury prevention, fall risk prediction, medication adherence, identity and security, and many others.

Our aims are high, and such problems are inherently hungry for data in order to build the most powerful prediction engines. Your aggregated and anonymized data acts today as a marketing optimization tool, helping to reduce the "over-messaging" you receive, to find times when advertising may be less intrusive, and maybe even a tad more helpful. That's today. Tomorrow, our motion models, through our own research and development group as well as partnerships with the worlds foremost academic institutions will support new breeds of research that help us achieve our larger human health goals and societal benefits.

Opt Out

We do not collect your name, or other user information such as your email address, birthday, location, physical address, IP address. Where our technology is installed, we collect a limited amount of accelerometer and gyroscope motion data from the sensors in your smartphone, only while you are viewing an advertisement or other content that has had our  technology enabled by its provider.

The easiest way to opt-out is to turn off "Ad Tracking".


  • Open your Settings app.
  • Navigate to Privacy->Advertising.
  • Turn on the "Limit Ad Tracking" switch.


  • Open the Google settings app on your device (called Google Settings or Settings, depending on your device)
  • Scroll down and tap Google.
  • Tap Ads.
  • Switch on Opt out of interest-based ads or Opt out of Ads Personalization.

The above methods will turn off Ad Tracking across all applications as well as any instances of our technology. This option signals to Velocity (and others) that you do not wish to be tracked. Your advertising identifier will not be available to Velocity, and seeing this, our technology will disable sensor observation as well as data transmission.

If you have further questions, please contact Velocity. We will do our best to help.