Velocity SDK: Your Apps in Motion

Velocity SDK sets the standard in human motion analysis for mobile apps. Now you can interpret and react to user context in brand new ways based on how your users physically move with their smartphone.

The SDK is easy to integrate and easy to use. Our goal is always to provide the utmost in control over client battery usage, bandwidth, and privacy. A source-code level license insures full transparency so you can inspect SDK functionality and performance.


Set the mood

When and how a person listens to music provides context to vary playlist recommendations, tempos and genre. Whether on the train to work, while running, or just relaxing at home, you can always set the right mood.


Optimal Performance

Use Velocity motion analysis to improve athlete performance and predict injury. Analyze gait asymmetry, torso rotation and other athletic form metrics to enhance your fitness apps and empower wellness.



Drive Right

In the vehicle, drivers and passengers alike have unique motion signatures. Improve delivery fleet efficiency, monitor driving behavior for insurance, or just warn users not to use their phone while driving.

The Doctor Is In

For large-scale medical studies, or patient follow home, Velocity motion analysis helps clinicians assess healthy motion. Contact Velocity to begin your HIPAA compliant patient study.

Featured Downloads

Velocity SDK for iOS

Got a great idea for how to use motion in your application? Velocity builds custom motion models designed specifically for your use. Contact us to find out how.