Integrating the Velocity Javascript tag

Before running pilot campaigns, first request the 1-page Velocity Pilot Agreement, by contacting Velocity.


Drop the Velocity Javascript tag into your creative.

Copy and paste the 1 line of code below into your campaign's creative. Make sure you copy all the text below.{{YOUR_VELOCITY_ASSIGNED_VENDOR_ID}}&cid={{LINE_ITEM_ID}}&iid={{AUCTION_ID}}&uid={{USER_ID}}


Configure the script for your campaigns

  1. Enter your Vendor ID supplied along with your signed Velocity Pilot Agreement into the "YOUR_VELOCITY_ASSIGNED_VENDOR_ID" variable above. Leave the single quotes, just replace the interior text with your vendor ID.
  2. Use your Impression ID macro. You must enter a macro that will generate a unique ID for each impression served. Enter the correct macro for your Demand Side Platform (DSP) or bidder. Typically, macros are entered between two sets of curly braces as shown above. On many systems {{AUCTION_ID}} will be a suitable macro to use here.
  3. Use your Line Item ID macro. Use the specific Line Item ID macro for your platform. This will allow you to separate the performance of each line item if you have multiple line items per campaign.
  4. Use your User ID macro. If you want to track the particular device or user ID, you may use this macro or leave it set to the default. On mobile apps the Device ID will resolve to the IDFA (iOS) or AAID (Android). For web users this ID may be a custom User ID, a hashed ID or third-party ID, or may be empty. 



Can you collect data from ads in the mobile browser? And does it work in mobile apps?

Both. If you can integrate the above JS tag into your ad creative or publisher's webpage, we can collect data. Since third party cookies are not available on all mobile browsers it may be harder to retarget users identified as receptive. However, for publishers and SSPs, the JS tag can collect motion data for 5 seconds prior to the ad bidding process, in which case the first bid can already be informed by our receptivity score.

What happens if the ad is pre-loaded or cached, Will the data collection still work?

Yes. Even if the javascript tag is cached or pre-loaded along with ad content, when the ad is displayed, the javascript will be executed, thereby making a call out to send data.

How much Bandwidth is used by the Velocity JS tag?

Velocity has built a proprietary compressed binary protocol resulting in very small transfer sizes. The data we collect is compressed down to just 3KB per second. The average impression submits 60KB of data, about the size of this image: