Part 2: Record Data

Like we mentioned before you will be "recording" yourself reading and watching videos in 5 minute increments in 6 unique body positions. (It's actually your motion that we're recording, you will not be asked to use your camera at any time.)

Here are a few things important things you need to know before you begin recording:

  1. This is a 1 hour task, you must complete it all at once.
  2. You ABSOLUTELY CAN'T answer your phone, respond to text messages, or do anything other than read or watch videos while doing the task. (Don't put your phone in silent mode because you'll need to hear queues it will be giving you.)
  3. You ABSOLUTELY MUST stay in the position listed for the task the entire 5 minutes of each recording but we want you to do YOUR VERSION of the position. For example, if the position is "Lie down on side and watch a video" we want to know how you do that because it's different from other people. You should also feel free to move around during the 5 min while maintaining the general position if needed, like if your hands get tired how would you reposition them while still lying on your side. 
  4. While in the activity position, it is critical that you use hold and use your phone as you normally would (i.o.w. don't be stiff or unnatural, don't overthink it). 


The recording tasks will be completed using the tools inside the black box at the bottom of your phone screen (in app). 

  • Activities: At the top of the black box you should see the first activity listed. Taping on the activity name takes you to the menu of activities you'll be recording. Start at the top and work your way down the list. 

  • Record Button: This is at the bottom of your phone screen in the black box it is round and red.

  • Upon choosing an activity you'll be directed to the Instructions screen for that activity.

  • When ready you'll press record and the app will take you to the activity screen with pre-populated reading or video watching tasks. 

  • Accelerate will tell you when 5 minutes have passed. Press the red button again, which is now square for "stop". 

  • You will be asked to save your recording, press "Yes" if you accurately recorded the task for 5 minutes. If something went wrong then press "No" and record the activity again.

  • Choose the next activity in the list by pressing "Activity".

  • Rinse and repeat until you have made all twelve 5 minute recordings then proceed to Part 3, uploading your data to our server.