Welcome to the Velocity Beta Program

Thank you for joining the Velocity Beta program. There are a lot of instructions to follow, YOU MUST READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY. But once you get familiar with the process of collecting data, it's easy (and maybe a little fun).


You will be using our app to record yourself holding your phone in a variety of positions while reading and watching videos. 

Part 1: Install app
This part requires that you install an iPhone app published privately by Concrete Interactive.

Part 2: Record data
This is the real job. It will take approximately 1 hour of your time and we request that you do the tasks from beginning to end in one sitting without interruptions. You will be recording yourself reading and watching videos inside the app while in a total of 6 different body positions to complete the job. 

Part 3: Upload your data
You must upload all your data to get credit for the task. To avoid using your mobile data plan, you can use a wifi network for the upload.

Before you Begin

  • You must have an iPhone 6 or newer, running on iOS 9 or above, to join the Beta program (there is no Android version, sorry)
  • You have to be comfortable submitting your location (during Part 2 only), and your email.
  • Read through the rest of the instructions Part1, 2 and 3 before beginning the recording tasks.


If at anytime you are having problems completing this task, have questions about what to do, or can't upload data please email your problem to start@vlcty.net with a detailed description of the issue.